Friday, May 25, 2007

ISWAK II Filming Diary : unofficial fan-made

Wedding Mar. 28 2007

ISWAK II fake kiss
The fake kiss at the press conference.

Wedding, yay!

Yay! Everyone's here! The director's the priest person?!

I remember this car. Nice poster...

Didn't Rainie use this kind of car for one of her MVs? Yeah... some person makes a whole bunch of these.

Yeah... I just remembered, Aaron was one of the boyfriend persons in the first one... and isn't that guy the scary guy that dated Melody in KO ONE? >_< New Hair Apr. 14, 2007

Yay! so exciting! Not... I saw the news report for this on 100% Entertainment. They want him to look old... he sure looks old... 0-0

Outdoor Scenes Apr. 23 2007

Yay! So exciting! If I were there...

Were these taken by some random people?

Needle and CPR Class Apr. 24 2007

How very exciting... Wu Shiong was here too...

Yay! experimenting on raw meat! So Wu Shiong's going to be in ISWAK II too?! Can't wait...

Mae Li Hwa May. 2 2007

Didn't get pics for this... This was the one when they went on the ferris wheel and ate cake... I've been there before...

Japan May 7 2007

Only Jiro's looking at the camera... haha, he's trying to look cool...

There goes Jiro again...

What's this? Are they sound testing or something? They're being caged up! O_O

YAY! Japan was fun! they all say

The director's talking... -_-

Ariel's talking >_<
So what are they doing...?

Another group pic...

Guam May 13/07

They started off to Guam on this day.

Jiro scared of Cows May 15 2007

Jiro's scared of cows... haha, just thinking about it makes me laugh... When he was little, some random old man lifted him up on a cow and then he fell off... hahahahhaha! So funny... So now he's scared of cows.

Water Scenes May 15 2007

that seems hard and cold... wouldn't want to do that...

Now it looks sunny... I guess it's ok... I heard Joe was the one who did all the rowing... haha

Poor Jiro, ends up in Guam and finds Joe and Ariel...

what are those white things anyway...

That looks kind of awkward... Ariel looks so Shiang Chin like >_<
There they are again with those white things... maybe they're new and improved lifejackets... can those tiny things really make you float...?

Kiss scene May 17 2007

Oooh, exciting... Hey, was Apple News spying on them while they were filming?? D :< alt="" src="" border="0">
Whats this place... it has so many locks... OMG it's Apple News again! O_O

Locks again, I bet they just brang that big lock along, it's kind of out of place...

Shiny reflective thingy...

Jiro and Girl Scenes May 17 2007

haha, Jiro looks sad and grumpy... what does this girl do? I thought she was some service person at the hotel...

Still Guam May 23 2007

No Pics yet... Apparently they're still filming in Guam. But I think Jiro came back already... maybe I'm wrong. Well, there was this news report on how Ariel and Joe went on a plane and it did a 360... scary :[ Joe had to do his lines in the plane and he kept doing them wrong...

That's it so far, hope to see more soon! heehee

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bump Off Lover 愛殺17

The watching of this drama was put off for quite a while. I absolutely cannot watch horror movies and have a good nights sleep. So, for my good health, I decided not to watch it. But it was kind of attracting, what with all those Golden Bell awards. So after a while, I decided to give it another try. It was actually not scary at all. In fact I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept on thinking about the case and everything. The story was very well written, the episodes very well structured. And, ok, I admit it, I did go looking for spoilers and knew before hand it was Jia Wei who did it, but, you know, it was so obvious.

This was the first time I’ve seen Angela Chang act. I was quite impressed. Around that time I also found out she actually came out from acting, which ruined all my views of her, because I always thought she sang first. Joa ke Chiang was a very likeable character. At first, I didn’t know what to think of him. I liked how he talked, but what was with the hair? -_- Very quickly, though, I began to like him. Lin Jia Wei is naturally despised. I hate him… He’s so evil… And as for the twins, I like Yee Jing better. She has a very interesting termalogy<--- does that think what I think it means…? Her thoughts aren’t evil, very human and most people will be able to relate to her jealousy towards her twin. Although I do agree she did go a little far. I hate the mom though. All she ever does is run away. Even at the end, she decided her life wasn’t perfect enough for her so she killed herself. Like, what the hell… I hate all the adults and Jia Wei. The model family also has dark secrets. They pretend and hide, but believe they have the power to do what they enjoy even if it will hurt everyone around them.

Getting too deep into this… let’s go back to characters. The detective guy was pretty funny; he always had a hanky… haha…. At first I thought maybe near the middle he’ll have some nervous breakdown. But near the end he kind of disappeared. I hate it when characters just disappear like that. It makes me feel as if the producer never took the time to make this character, and just decides, ok I can’t think of anything he should do so I’ll just make him fade away. Same with the teacher, after she gets things straightened out about Yee Jen at the time she tried to commit suicide with Yee Jen. That was kind of stupid and retarded. And also with that Ah Sa person, after she got hospitalized, she didn’t appear again and nobody went back to help her, which is actually pretty sad…

Enough about characters, the story as I mentioned before is very well structured. Even though I knew beforehand that it was Jia Wei, there were still things that got me looping. I feel very sorry for Yan Zen Yo. He got dragged into this and got himself killed, that’s very sad…

I forget if they won, but the sound effects and lighting was nominated for the Golden Bell awards. Even if it wasn’t movie level good, it’s pretty good for TV. And because it wasn’t at movie level it wasn’t that scary. Ha, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

There were some unrealistic things in this drama though. Like when Yee Jing fell from the building and landed on the concrete she was all posed. That doesn’t happen does it.

And there was one question my sister and I were arguing about. When Jia Wei was about to die, his last words were= I really do love ______ a lot.” I didn’t catch whose name he said because he kind of whispered it. Plus, I can’t read Chinese so the subtitles were of no use. But I reckon it was Yee Jing, however my sister claims it was Yee Jen. Whatever, it doesn’t really matter…

It’s kind of sad how at the end she’s left with only her dad, who she still probably hates like hell. If I was her, I’d sever all connections with him and continue my life with Jou Ke Chiang and that other girl. The saddest kinds of dramas are the ones that, at the end, everybody you’ve ever cared about betray you of dies or something and you’re only left with one person. Like in Love Contract, and this one too.

Bump Off Lover is the kind of series that 16 episodes is more than enough. It doesn’t need a sequel, because everybody simply has gotten enough from it to reflect and enjoy for a lifetime. The first of its kind I’ve seen. Great OST too, but I can’t find it anywhere. T_T

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hana Kimi 花樣少年少女

Second drama I watched one episode per week- the first was Smile Pasta, yeah? Remember? Anyway, after watching so much serious dramas, this one was very refreshing. It was like back in the ISWAK days, a laugh with every episode. When I saw the drama poster thingy (the one with Ella, Wu Zun and Jiro and Ella apparently nude but covered- you’ll get what I mean if you’ve seen it.) I was like; uh… what’s this… another The Rose? Being hypocritical here, but I really didn’t like the look of it. But of course Jiro was in it, so I had to take a look. >w< align="center">

After a few episodes, I got really, really addicted. Everything was Hana Kimi, Hana Kimi. I began to also really love Shiou-Yee (Jiro’s character). But, on the contrary, the more I watched Hana Kimi, the more I started to get annoyed (hate is too strong of a word…) at the two main characters. I like Ella, but I don’t like Rei Shi as much as I like Ella… But I despise Chuen the most. He’s a sissy puss. >_< align="center">

The way the drama was structured, in arcs, was quite refreshing. It was a lot more life-based, with all those ironic jokes. Haha. But I didn’t like how nobody found out she was a girl. It would’ve been much better for Shiou Yee. Poor Jiro always playing the sad characters. T_T Near the last few episodes, it was a little draggy, but the last episode was necessarily spiced up. With the 10¢ jokes. Haha, those were hilarious. I began to like that guy in the last episode, kind of wasteful. I liked how in the last episode every character, the more important ones, showed up again. It was like a memorial, yay everyone’s here, let’s celebrate- like that.

I also watched that New Years special for Summer x Summer and Hana Kimi. It was worth it, because they claimed it was the only New Years special Fahrenheit went to- ha. It was funny how Danson Tang took pictures of himself and they were in the digi-cam. I was like, guys actually do that? Summer x Summer always had snack breaks and their dog thing was a hot dog being waved around- yay, go Wu Shiong!

As it applies to ISWAK and Goong, the existence of Hana Kimi 2 has been clarified. I think it comes out in 2008. I’ll watch it, of course, it’s one of those things that if you don’t watch, you’ll feel left out. Not that I have anybody but my sister to discuss about these things. ;_; Nevertheless, awaiting the sequel I’ll be for now. Don’t work too hard Jiro!